I'm not professional photographer!!!
Love and care your partner!!!
By: Wei Teng Ching

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Friday, 22-Jul-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Missing someone... that I always love

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A Broken Heart
by Licia

I thought I was over you,
That's how it all seems.
But I keep going back,
To crush my own dreams.

You fed me so many lines,
That weren't even true.
I can't stay away,
I don't know what to do.

You broke my heart once,
You broke my heart twice.
I guess it all depended,
On the roll of the dice.

I'm scared that I'll be hurt,
Again like before.
I don't think,
I can hurt anymore.

I know this is short,
But there's no more to say.
Just to pray and hope,
You'll love me back one day.

Can There Still Be
by Lori

Can there still be
a me and you
Can there still be
a dream come true
Can there still be
that feeling there
Can there still be
love in the air
Can there still be
an honest trust
Can there still be
some love between us
Can there still be
a spark in our hearts
Can there still be
room for a new start
Can there still be
that shine in our eyes
Can there still be
a chance to wash away all lies
But most important
if they're all true
Can there still be
a me and you?

Monday, 4-Jul-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Zoey's Birthday!!

Zoey and I
Zoey with the cake
She asked me to take second shot..
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It was one of the happiest celebration in my life, because it was my first time to celebrate birthday for my girlfriend... it was so exicited... although it wasn't a grand dinner for her, but I know she was enjoying that time and me too. We had a good dinner, she got a present that she likes most... I really don't know how to discribe it coz whenever I saw her I will be recover from all my problems... just to say... Happy Birthday to you and I love you always. Muah....

Tuesday, 7-Jun-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The cute pet that make people webs..

Brother's late pet dog, named Puk Poi.
Puk poi was sick.
Puk poi last shot before he pass away about 8 hours later

My brother's dog - Puk Poi, only 2 months old. He bought from Thailand with his girlfriend last week. When Puk Poi arrived at home, he was sick and blur, so we decided to bring him to meet doctor. after an injection and taking some pill on Saturday, Puk Poi still like that... so we just take care of him careful... so my eldest brother decided to bring Pok Poi to Subnag jaya. We brought him to my bro's house in Subang on Sunday late night. Everything seems ok that night, but I still feel worry about Pok Poi coz he doesn't look ok for me.

On monday, I went back to Cyberjaya for working. About 8++am, my brother in Subang jaya called me that Pok Poi is pass away . I was shocked about that :surprised: . But after the news, I feel sad and feel like want to cry...... it because we already treated PUk Poi as part of the family... try to imagine he just 2mths old and he's so cute..... with baby milk smell from his body.... we feel really sad and I hope whoever read this article please pray for Puk Poi(our cute pet)....

Saturday, 4-Jun-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

My recent photo
Guess who????
Just want to test my bro's new SLR cam... awsome!!

Saturday, 21-May-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
SGH Credit cards highlights and potluck...have fun(13-May-2005)

Perparing to start...
dancing queens
Ann was dancing :P
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Today we have our perfomance and we're really fun of that... I think it was the best performance among HBAP... after the performance, we're celebrating our manager's birthday(belated birthday ). During lunch, we had our lunch party in cafe again.... it was so fun and happy... I hope this atmosphere can be keep it as long as possible.... cheers my friends and my team, love you all

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